Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags

Best Yoga Mat Bags

Best Yoga Mat Bags

There are a lot of different yoga mat bags on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is the best yoga mat bag for you. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best yoga mat bags on the market. This helpful list provides an overview of each bag, including its key features, pros and cons, and price. So, whether you’re looking for a bag that’s stylish, functional or both, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you on this list. And, who knows? Maybe one of these bags will even help you take your yoga practice to the next level.

Following are the top 10 Best yoga mat bags

  1. Gaiam Yoga mat bag
  2. Heathyoga Yoga mat bag
  3. Zenifit Yoga mat bag
  4. WARRIOR2 Yoga mat bag
  5. Ewedoos Yoga mat bag
  6. ELENTURE Yoga mat bag
  7. Aozora Yoga mat bag
  8. Uhawi Yoga mat bag
  9. PACEARTH Yoga mat bag
  10. EnjoyActive Yoga mat bag







Gaiam Yoga mat bag


Heathyoga Yoga mat bag


Zenifit Yoga mat bag


WARRIOR2 Yoga mat bag


Ewedoos Yoga mat bag


ELENTURE Yoga mat bag


Aozora Yoga mat bag


Uhawi Yoga mat bag


PACEARTH Yoga mat bag


EnjoyActive Yoga mat bag

1)- Gaiam Yoga mat bags:

The Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag is designed to protect and comfortably carry your yoga mat, towel, and other small accessories. The yoga mat bag has a large main compartment that holds your yoga mat and other smaller pockets to hold your towel and other items. The bag can be carried by the long strap over your shoulder, or by the shorter handles on top. The main compartment of the bag expands to fit large or small yoga mats or towels. There is a zipper pocket on the front for storage for items you may want to get to easily, such as keys and a cell phone. The Gaiam Yoga Bag is made from 100% cotton material.

best yoga mat bag

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Expandable
  • Roomy front pocket
  • Size issue among some customers

2)- Heathyoga Yoga mat bags:

Heathyoga extra large yoga mat bag with two side pockets is great for carrying your yoga mat or any other item. It is made of thick, durable, and quick-dry fabric and is designed with high-quality construction and practicality. Our yoga bag is essential to making your life easier.

The mat bag has a total length of 28 inches, measured from the top to the bottom, with a diameter of 7 inches, which fit most yoga mat size. The yoga mat bag has 2 smooth and sturdy zippers, which makes it easy to put away the yoga mat or other items. The yoga mat bag has two large front pockets, which can put your keys, wallet, cell phone, small towel, and any other accessories. The yoga mat bag is designed with printed embroidery designs, which add more colors. The yoga mat bag is machine washable.

best yoga mat bag

  • Quick-dry
  • Dual Full Zip Design
  • Multi-functional Pockets & Adjustable Strap
  • According to some customers it is bulky

3)- Zenifit Yoga mat bags:

Looking for a fitness accessories brand that understands the needs of health-conscious women? Introducing Zenifit – the newest brand from popular fitness accessories maker, Zenetex. Our yoga bag is made from super-stretchable, breathable, water-resistant Neoprene material. Designed for hot yoga and intense exercise, it is longer than most fitness tote bags and allows you to carry your yoga mat with ease.

Other fitness accessories can be stored inside the bag, but the bag itself is compact enough to fit inside a larger bag to travel with. It’s perfect for Pilates and hot yoga. This bag comes in two sizes, to fit all kinds of yoga mats, and the price is just right! It’s the most affordable yoga bag with the perfect length and width. Additionally, we’ve included a convenient side pocket to secure your phone and keys. The bag is as comfortably lightweight as it is convenient and functional.

best yoga mat bag

  • Bag is 33.5 inches long
  • 2 elastics storage inside the zipper pocket
  • According to some customers, it has a chemical smell

4)- WARRIOR2 Yoga mat bags:

The WARRIOR2 is the best yoga mat bag for holding all your yoga gear in a full zip rolling yoga mat bag, or yoga mat bag carrier with multiple pockets e.g. Please check your yoga mat size before purchasing. The bag is great for professional yoga teachers, yoga students, gym goers, and travelers. Whether you are into hot yoga, power yoga, or enjoy Bikram yoga or regular vinyasa classes, this yoga mat bag will help you to carry your yoga mat and accessories to your yoga studio, gym, or any place you can practice your favorite yoga poses.

best yoga mat bag

  • Full zip rolling yoga mat bag
  • Length adjustable sling shoulder strap
  • Not ideal among some customers

5)- Ewedoos Yoga mat bags:

The Ewedoos yoga mat bag is the perfect companion for your next workout! Store your yoga mat and other sporting equipment in one convenient bag. Crafted specifically to carry yoga mats, it has a padded interior with two compartments to store your yoga equipment. The bag is lightweight and sturdy, plus comes in a range of colors to suit your personality. Whether you are looking for specialized yoga bags, carriers, or just a simple gym bag, we’ve got everything you want! Our carry bags can double as sports bags, shopping bags, beach totes, and even diaper bags.

best yoga mat bag

  • Zipper closure
  • Two Pockets Design
  • Doesn’t fit a lot

6)- ELENTURE Yoga mat bags:

You are the one who is always late! But this time, we make a special yoga mat bag. When you get up in the morning, throw your mat into this bag and go to work. When you finish work, you can walk in your yoga bag to do yoga in the park. When you enjoy yoga, you can put your yoga mat into the bag after you finish yoga. The bag is made of high-quality canvas and fabric.

Low price, high quality. If there is any smell on the canvas, please put it on the balcony for about half a day, it will refresh. It is easy for you to put your mat into the bag and keep it clean and organized. It can hold most types of yoga mats from 1/8″ to 3/8″. Khombu’s ELENTURE yoga mat bag is perfect for a boyfriend, girlfriend, man, woman, and yoga lover.

best yoga mat bag

  • Full Zipper Design
  • A large and expandable front pocket
  • Bad zipper

7)- Aozora Yoga mat bags:

Carry your yoga mat and all your essentials in the Aozora Yoga Mat Bag. This bag is developed specifically to carry mats of all sizes. The bag has a large main section and a front pocket to hold your personal items. Rest assured that your gear will be safe and secure in this high-quality bag that is made with 8 oz cotton canvas.

The single-layer construction makes the bag light and easy to use. This bag is crafted to be used by both men and women. Its solid color and neutral design allow you to use it in any setting. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, this bag will be a great accessory. If you need to clean your bag, switch to a mild detergent. The bag is machine washable on a gentle cycle and can be tumble dried.

best yoga mat bag

  • Lightweight
  • Stitched Inside and Out with a Single Layer
  • Color issue among some customers

8)- Uhawi Yoga mat bags:

The Uhawi Yoga mat bag is designed to be your go-anywhere, take-anything yoga bag. Made of 100% cotton, Uhawi yoga mat bags are both durable and environmentally friendly. Uhawi yoga bag measures 24″ x 6″ x 2″ and features 2 open pockets and 2 small pockets. With enough room to store all of your yoga gear, you can even toss your shoes and clothing in this yoga bag to take along for the ride.

Efficiently designed with one large pocket for storing yoga mats and one small pocket for storing keys, wallet, and other essentials, Uhawi yoga carrier tote bags make it easy to have your belongings at hand throughout your busy day. Let’s not forget about the 2 velcro straps on the yoga mat carrier tote bag. Ideal for people who love yoga, exercise, hiking, camping, travel, and much more! Each Uhawi yoga bag comes with a Lifetime warranty and is machine washable.

best yoga mat bag

  • 2 Velcros
  • Zipper safe pockets
  • Not big enough among some customers

9)- PACEARTH Yoga mat bags:

PACEARTH Yoga mat bag is designed to be a large, functional, and spacious yoga tote bag. Whether you’re a newbie looking for a yoga mat bag or an expert yogi seeking a yoga mat carrier that can carry all your yoga essentials, this PACEARTH Yoga tote bag is your best choice. It can store 4- a layer yoga mat, yoga accessories, yoga mat towels, face & bath towels, or even a change of clothes after working out.

Made of heavy-duty 12oz cotton canvas and the best cover sewing technology in the world, this yoga mat carrier with spacious pockets is easier to clean and more durable than its polyester or polypropylene counterparts. With the yoga mat tote bag, you can safely store your yoga mat on the go and keep it away from harmful bacteria and germs.

best yoga mat bag

  • Adjustable Strap with Wide Open
  • Extra Exterior & Interior Pocket
  • Not for short people

10)- EnjoyActive Yoga mat bags:

The EnjoyActive yoga mat bag is designed for fashionable Yogis and Yoga enthusiasts. Made with high-quality polyester material, and exquisite craftsmanship, our yoga mat bag is waterproof, water-resistant, and easy to clean. The size is perfect for yoga, gym, and fitness.

The yoga mat bag fits a standard-size yoga mat and has extra compartments with a zipper pocket to hold your wallet, keys, smartphones, clothing, water bottle, and small umbrellas. This bag is lightweight, making it easy to be carried, and will keep all your stuff organized and tidy. EnjoyActive Yoga Mat Bag makes a great gift for the Yogi or Yoga enthusiast in your life.

best yoga mat bag

  • Premium Zip Pullers & Fittings are Smooth and Sturdy
  • 3 Versatile Pockets
  • Water Resistant
  • Not durable among some customers

Frequently Asked Question

How do you choose the best yoga mat bag for your needs?

A yoga mat bag is an essential accessory for yoga enthusiasts, as it helps to keep your mat clean and protected when you’re on the go. But with so many different bags on the market, here are a few things to consider when choosing a yoga mat bag:

The size of the bag is important, as you want to make sure it can comfortably hold your yoga mat. If you have a large mat, look for a bag that has extra room for other items like towels or water bottles.

The material of the bag is also important. A durable, machine-washable fabric is ideal, as it will stand up to wear and tear and is easy to keep clean.

The style of the bag is also worth considering. Some bags have multiple compartments for storing your belongings, while others are more simplistic in design. Choose the style that best suits your needs.

With these factors in mind, you’re sure to find the best yoga mat bag for your needs.

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