fart in yoga class

How to not fart in yoga class? | A Complete Guide (2022)

How to not fart in yoga class? It’s a common fear that many people have – How to not fart in yoga class. The good news is, there are some…

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Hot Yoga

Is Hot Yoga Good For You? | A Complete Guide (2022)

Hot yoga is a type of yoga that is practised in hot and humid environments. This style of yoga originated in India but has become popular all over the world….

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gentle yoga

Is Gentle Yoga Good For You? | A Complete Guide (2022)

Gentle yoga is a form of yoga that focuses more on what the body can do rather than what it cannot. It’s great for those who are new to yoga,…

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Goat Yoga

Is Goat Yoga Safe? | A Complete Guide (2022)

Goat yoga, also known as “yoga with goats,” is a form of exercise that incorporates the use of live animals for what is called “animal-assisted activities.” It was originally developed…

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Laughter Yoga

Is Laughter Yoga Real? | How Laughter Yoga Works (2022)

What is laughter yoga? Laughter Yoga is a form of laughter-induced physical exercise. It was created by Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995 and has since spread across the world for…

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is aerial yoga good

Is Aerial Yoga good Workout | What are the Benefits (2022)

Is aerial yoga good? Aerial yoga is a new way to get your workout in, or just try something different. Aerial yoga poses are performed on hammocks that hang from…

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yoga on carpet

Can You Do Yoga on Carpet? | A Complete Guide (2022)

Yoga on carpet is a yoga style that incorporates yoga poses onto the surface of a carpeted floor. This yoga style can be done in any room, and it’s perfect…

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