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eat before cycling

What to eat before cycling?

Before you start cycling, it is important to eat the right food. You need to have enough energy and strength for your journey. The best way to do that is by eating carbohydrates before you go out on a ride. They are an excellent source of energy because they can be easily broken down into glucose which provides essential fuel for our body cells during prolonged exercise such as cycling or running long distances.

  • Carbohydrates should make up at least 50% of every meal — including breakfast!
  • Foods rich in carbs include wholemeal bread, pasta, and vegetables (spinach, peas, etc).
  • Some examples are potatoes with rice/quinoa; brown rice spaghetti with mushrooms & walnuts, sweet potato, and tahini or baked beans on toast.

What to eat before cycling long distances?

The right and wrong foods for cyclists:

Sports nutrition is a huge field, but an important one, after all, we are what we eat. Some people can get away with very little pre-ride food and drink (what you or I might call hard training). With other riders this could lead to disaster; a struggle to complete the ride, nausea, cramps, vomiting, etc.

There are some basic guidelines that should be adhered to when it comes to fuelling your body before riding long distances. Of course, if you’re backed by a team of experts then you may not have much choice as to what goes into your mouth! However, if that’s not you then read on… People who train ‘correctly’ are said to have a higher caloric requirement than most people. But how many calories do you actually need before your ride?

The following are general guidelines to the number of carbohydrates, protein, and fat that you should consume in gram amounts:

eat before cycling

  • Pre-ride Carbohydrate intake = 1g per kg bodyweight
  • Post Ride carbohydrate intake = 1 – 2 g per kg bodyweight
  • Protein intake (essential amino acids) = 0.8 – 1g per kg bodyweight (your weight divided by 2.2 pounds/1kg e.g., 60kg / 2.2= 26 lbs.)

In plain English, this means for an 80kg rider wants to take on board around 800g of carbohydrate and 200 – 400g of protein pre-ride.

What to eat before cycling in class?

Cycling is a good way to keep yourself fit, cycling classes are always been conducted so it makes it easier for people to do exercise by sitting in a cycle. So here is the list of what you should eat before cycling and whatnot, make sure that your last meal isn’t heavy.

1) In this busiest world where people hardly get time for themself even in eating, junk food becomes a very common thing, it can be a major reason for the obesity problem. Junk food contains high calories but less nutrition so if there is no time then at least have something which has all the essential nutrients. It may be fresh fruit juice or some protein shakes made from milk and fruits etc.

2) Prefer having a light breakfast or just taking simple toast with butter on it in the morning. This means to say eat as lesser as possible, a better option is to start your day with a glass of water.

3) In Cycling classes, they usually recommend that you should eat a full stomach in the mid of cycling so it may be better to take something which has all essential minerals and vitamins, the half-boiled egg can be the best choice for this. You can also have tea/coffee but nothing heavy.

4) When it comes to night meals then make sure that you don’t have something like a burger or anything which is too oily if you are going to cycle in the next morning because then your stomach will feel heavy and nauseated during cycling sessions. At least try not to have carbonated drinks with your dinner because those make the digestive system lazy. Drink lots of water before going to bed so that when you get up in the early morning you feel fresh and light.

5) Last but not least, avoid taking tea/coffee in the breakfast before cycling classes because too much caffeine is bad for health. If you are really addicted to coffee like me then try having coffee after lunch with lots of milk and sugar.

Best food to eat before the cycling race:

Here are some examples of foods that can be consumed before a race or training session:

1) The day before the competition, a meal with protein (meat, eggs), carbohydrates (bread, pasta), and vegetables are recommended.

2) On the day of the competition, it is important to eat in moderation but richly at breakfast time: bread, cereals with milk or yogurt, pancakes… Again proteins (cheese), carbohydrates (bread), and fruit juice. Avoid sugars (jam, syrup) because they cause peaks in blood sugar levels!

3) In the hours just before the start, you should avoid fatty foods because they take a long time to digest. It’s better to opt for small portions of food regularly distributed during your ride.

eat before cycling

To help you eat before cycling competition here are some tips:

Always take food that is pleasant to you. You will be less strong if your stomach is upset because of the way something was! In this article, we talk about what foods you can eat before cycling and especially before a race. The best foods that give an immediate energy boost, but without the disadvantage of sugar! And even if you do not ride in competition, this article is also for you!

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