folic acid in pregnancy

Use of Folic Acid in Pregnancy | Benefits of Folic Acid

Use of folic acid in pregnancy: Folic acid in pregnancy is a nutrient that is very important to the mother’s health and the health of the baby. A folic acid…

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swelling in feet during pregnancy

How to Reduce Swelling in Feet During Pregnancy?

What causes swelling in feet during pregnancy? Swelling in feet during pregnancy is one of the most common signs during this period. The problem is commonly observed in most women….

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period after pregnancy

When Do You Get Period After Pregnancy?

A woman’s period (menstrual cycle) is one of the most important parts of her life. When she is pregnant, the woman’s body is going through physical changes and she is…

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What to eat during pregnancy

Top 10 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

What to eat during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a very exciting time in a woman’s life. The thought of having a baby is beautiful and inspiring, but there are also a…

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When do you get a heartbeat in pregnancy

When Can You Hear Baby’s Heartbeat in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion for most women and their families. However, it can also be a time of great stress and concern. Many women wonder if everything is going…

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Cholestasis of Pregnancy

What is Cholestasis of Pregnancy? | Symptoms and Causes

What is cholestasis of pregnancy? Cholestasis of pregnancy is a condition where bile flow is slowed or blocked. In pregnancy, cholestasis affects the flow of bile from the liver to…

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frequent urination in pregnancy

Frequent Urination in Pregnancy | 4 Tips to Manage Urination

What is frequent urination in pregnancy? Frequent urination in pregnancy means you need to use the toilet more often than you usually do when pregnant. More frequent trips to the…

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