Top 10 Best Travel Yoga Mats

best travel yoga mats

Best Travel Yoga Mats

There are a lot of different yoga mats on the market, but not all of them are well-suited for travel. The best travel yoga mats are lightweight and compact, so they can easily be thrown in a suitcase or carry-on bag. They should also have a textured surface to prevent slipping, and they should be durable enough to withstand being rolled up and unrolled multiple times.

In addition, travel yoga mats should be easy to clean, so you can keep them looking fresh after a long day of exploring. With so many factors to consider, it can be tough to find the best travel yoga mat for your needs. But luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve rounded up the best travel yoga mats on the market, so you can choose the perfect one for your next trip.

Following are the top 10 best travel yoga mats

  1. Gaiam Travel yoga mats
  2. Primasole Travel yoga mats
  3. Manduka Travel yoga mats
  4. JadeYoga Travel yoga mats
  5. Feetlu Travel yoga mats
  6. RUILIXIN Travel yoga mats
  7. Avoalre Travel yoga mats
  8. Yogo Travel yoga mats
  9. Plyopic Travel yoga mats
  10. Navaris Travel yoga mats







Gaiam Travel yoga mats


Primasole Travel yoga mats


Manduka Travel yoga mats


JadeYoga Travel yoga mats


Feetlu Travel yoga mats


RUILIXIN Travel yoga mats


Avoalre Travel yoga mats


Yogo Travel yoga mats


Plyopic Travel yoga mats


Navaris Travel yoga mats

1)- Gaiam Travel yoga mats:

A foldable, lightweight yoga mat is great for travel, home, and studios. The 2-millimeter thick mat is easy to clean and filled with non-toxic PVC material. It features an antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor-causing bacteria, no phthalates, lead, or latex. The mat roll fits easily in your yoga bag or backpack.

best travel yoga mats

  • 2mm thick non-toxic PVC yoga mat
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • According to some customers, it is sticky

2)- Primasole Travel yoga mats:

The Primasole Travel yoga mats only weigh 1.5 lb, which means they’re easy to carry around. These yoga mats have a 4mm thickness, which is just right for most people. If you choose to do the more advanced poses, you may want to go thicker, but more than likely, with the 4mm thickness, you won’t have to worry about sliding.

The thick ribs on the edge of the yoga mat prevent your feet from slipping off of the mat when you’re doing poses like the warrior. You can choose from a variety of colors, which means you can coordinate with your mood, style, or preference. The PVC material is proven to be durable, as it resists peeling, fading, or tearing. These yoga mats will wipe clean with a cloth.

best travel yoga mats

  • Durable PVC resists peeling
  • Folds up nicely, Fit in Back-pack
  • Mat is thin among some customers

3)- Manduka Travel yoga mats:

The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel yoga mat is designed to bring the comfort of eco-friendly yoga to home. The eKO SuperLite combines our antimicrobial top material with a 1.5 mm thickness to create a truly lightweight, portable, and durable mat. Rippled texture ensures a secure grip, and the closed-cell surface allows the mat to dry quickly and prevents moisture from seeping into the mat. The eKO SuperLite is available in four colors with several border print options, so you can choose the look that best suits your practice. The SuperLite measures 72 x 24 inches, making it the ideal travel mat, and it easily rolls and folds in half to fit into a suitcase or backpack.

best travel yoga mats

  • It folds up and can fit in a carry on easily
  • It has great grip
  • The mat smells like the rubber

4)- JadeYoga Travel yoga mats:

If you’re looking for a more lightweight, portable yoga mat that’s super durable, this JadeYoga travel yoga mat is for you. This JadeYoga yoga mat is 1/16″ thick and weighs 1 1/2 pounds. At 24″x 68″, it’s ideal for a number of different types of yoga. The JadeYoga travel yoga mat not only folds easily and compactly, but it’s also machine washable and dryable. Natural, open-cell rubber provides better traction than synthetic yoga mats. The extra slim JadeYoga mat provides more stability for better balance.

best travel yoga mats

  • Provides more stability for better balance
  • Made from entirely toxin-free materials
  • According to some customers, it has a chemical smell

5)- Feetlu Travel yoga mats:

FEETLU makes a home workout easier! Particularly, this eco-friendly yoga mat is made from high-quality POE material and designed for long-lasting durability. It is tear-resistant and flexible to increase comfort and enhance exercise. It lowers impact, absorbs shock, and prevents damage to your joints, spine, and back. Made of odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly material, this home workout mat can be used outdoors, indoors, or in any space or environment. Please feel free to contact us via Amazon Message.

best travel yoga mats

  • Made from high-quality POE material
  • Flexible and tear-resistant
  • Folds up like an accordion for convenient storage
  • Not ideal among some customers

6)- RUILIXIN Travel yoga mats:

RUILIXIN Travel yoga mats are made from soft and durable PVC material. Folding design and lightweight, this travel yoga mat can be folded into a very convenient size, which is portable for outdoor and indoor venues. It has a double-sided non-slip design for your yoga session.

You can use the yoga mat for yoga in the park, at home, or in the office. This yoga mat is not only for yoga, but also for other activities, such as gymnastics, weight training, Pilates, physical therapy, and more. When it is not in use, you can fold it up and put it in your bag. This yoga mat is easy to store and transport. It is simple and practical. The next time you are going to have yoga training, remember to take this yoga mat.

best travel yoga mats

  • Made of high-quality PVC material
  • Features the most cutting-edge folding design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Mat is not thick

7)- Avoalre Travel yoga mats:

Avoalre® yoga mat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its lightweight and compact size make it perfect for travel and at home. Made with high-quality dense foam, it is durable and has a non-slip surface, which is ideal for home yoga practice or in any gym setting.

The material not only creates a smooth texture but also absorbs shock to provide much-needed comfort and support. Coming with a double-sided non-slip surface, the Avoalre® mat provides much-needed cushioning and gives you the extra traction you need to keep you from slipping and falling. It also comes with a handy travel bag for easy storage and compact travel. The mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

best travel yoga mats

  • Easy to Fold & Carry
  • Avoalre yoga mat is 5mm thick
  • Tear Resistant & Eco-friendly Material
  • Mat is thin among some customers

8)- Yogo Travel yoga mats:

Have you ever been to a yoga class and wished you could take your yoga mat home with you so you could practice on your own time? Now you can. Take your yoga mat anywhere with the YOGO travel yoga mat. The YOGO travel yoga mat folds up to the size of a newspaper and is lightweight so you can strap it to your bag and go.

The best part is the only side that touches your body is the top, not the dirty bottom. Rinse your travel yoga mat in the shower after your yoga session and hang it by the straps to dry overnight. The YOGO travel yoga mat has been designed to be easy to use, compact, and lightweight.

It is made of high-quality eco-friendly material and is a great yoga mat to practice yoga, pilates, or fitness at home while traveling or outdoors. The YOGO travel yoga mat measures 24X68X1.5 inches when folded, and has been designed to comfortably fit in any suitcase weighing up to 50 pounds. It can also be attached to your belt or backpack and is the ideal travel companion for all your adventures.

best travel yoga mats

  • Folds up to size of newspaper
  • Tidy attached straps
  • Not durable among some customers

9)- Plyopic Travel yoga mats:

Travel to the beach and find your practice, wherever you go. One of the biggest challenges of being on the road is finding a space to practice yoga. You often have to choose between your hotel room and public space. With Plyopic, you can always find a space to practice. Use Plyopic as a yoga towel topper, a hygienic topper on a padded studio mat, or use it as a hot yoga mat.

Plyopic mat is a great travel companion, giving you the freedom of practicing wherever you go! With the 1.5mm thick non-slip rubber base and a top surface made of a unique soft grip coating that maintains traction as you sweat, your practice will be seamless. Stay at your peak physically and mentally, soothe pains and feel free to stretch, breathe and move in the comfort of your own mat.

best travel yoga mats

  • Easily roll up and attach to your backpack
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • The top surface is a bit slippery

10)- Navaris Travel yoga mats:

The Navaris Travel Yoga Mat is the ultimate portable yoga mat that you can take with you anywhere. The dark gray yoga mat has a skinless top surface for added safety, without compromising comfort or stability during your practice. The top surface is made of a nonslip skid-proof material that has a built-in, natural cork pattern to prevent sliding while the bottom is made of an anti-slip, high-density, closed-cell foam material with a non-skid surface.

The yoga mat is also convenient to take with you on trips or vacations. You can easily roll it up and store it in its round zippered carrying case. The travel yoga mat measures 24 inches long by 6 inches wide and weighs only 1 pound. The yoga mat comes in a round zippered case that measures 12 inches long by 6 inches wide by 2 inches high. The yoga mat is made in the USA.

best travel yoga mats

  • Sufficient thickness for comfort
  • Comfortable and Easy to fold
  • According to some customers it is bulky

Frequently asked questions

Should I travel with my yoga mat?

Whenever I pack for a trip, one of the first questions that come to mind is: should I bring my yoga mat? After all, it’s not exactly the most portable item. But at the same time, I know that having my mat with me will make it much easier to fit in a yoga practice while I’m traveling. And since yoga is such an important part of my life, it’s worth the extra effort to find a way to pack it in my suitcase.

So, what’s the best solution? Should I travel with my yoga mat? Well, it depends. If you’re going on a short trip and only plan to do a few yoga classes, then it might not be worth lugging your mat around with you. However, if you’re going on a longer trip or are serious about your yoga practice, then bringing your mat along is probably a good idea. Of course, there are always alternatives like renting a mat or borrowing one from a studio, but there’s something special about practicing on your own mat that makes it worth the effort to travel with it.

How often should I wash my yoga mat?

The answer may surprise you – experts recommend washing your yoga mat after every use! Not only does this help to keep your mat clean and bacteria-free, but it also helps to prevent the build-up of sweat and oils. If you’re using a yoga mat spray, be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

Some require that you spray the mat and then wipe it down with a damp cloth, while others recommend spraying the mat and then allowing it to air dry. In either case, it’s important to allow your yoga mat to dry completely before rolling it up for storage. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your yoga mat stays clean and fresh – and that you stay healthy!

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