Is Yoga a Religion or Exercise? | A Complete Guide

is yoga a religion

Is yoga a religion?

The answer is no, Yoga Has No Religion Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago, and its spiritual roots are Hinduism and Buddhism. But if you ask most yoga instructors today how they describe their own faith in the Greater Yoga Philosophy & Science (GYPS), you will get one of three answers: “I’m agnostic”, “I follow my own path”, or “I’m a yogi.”

The same applies to yoga students who have read Patanjali’s Eight Limbs Of Yoga, and understand that even though there might be a God mentioned in the text (see below), you are free to follow your own path and interpret it in any way you like.

Is yoga a religion or exercise?

is yoga a religion many people have questions in their minds? The answer is, yoga is not a religion, it’s an exercise that includes elements from several religions and philosophies. It’s also an ancient philosophy, a type of Hinduism or Buddhism, that you can use to live in the now, follow your heart, and better reflect who you are as a person.

So, if someone asks if yoga is a religion, it is like asking “What kind of car are you?” There are many kinds. In the same way, there are different types of yoga for different people who want to explore what matters most to them within their world and lives. yoga is about spirituality: If you think of religion as the rules and theories you follow, then yoga is not a religion. But if religion means how you express that outer world while living in your inner worlds, then again yoga is more than just exercise or philosophy.

Yoga does incorporate elements from several religions and philosophies. Like any other form of art, it’s open to interpretation but has many symbols of inspiration and written guiding principles for its practice.

is yoga a religion

Is kundalini yoga a religion?

is yoga a religion, Many people have a question. The Answer may b difficult. Some say no, but one look at the typical kundalini yoga class shows that it is a form of worship.

“Kundalini Yoga is NOT A RELIGION in need of a savior,” states KRI (Kundalini Research Institute), “but a spiritual technology to assist you to purify so that you can realize your own highest potential.

“(One wonders if this means we are our own saviors.) They claim that because there is no dogma or clergy involved and because not everyone experiences “advancement,” then KRI cannot be considered a religion. But what about all those people who experience “advancement”?

They actually have something they believe in their teacher and themselves. They have become part of the guru’s church.

Is Sahaja Yoga a religion?

If you are a beginner and wondering about is yoga a religion. The answer is No, it is not. Sahaja Yoga is a science of life and a science of Spirituality. It has its own philosophy and approach to the truth which is expressed through the understanding of human totality, that is the whole Self (Sahasrara) with all its dimensions – bodily, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual.


1: The purpose of Sahaja Yoga is to allow everyone to experience their true nature as an expression of Consciousness or God within themselves (“Self-realisation”). Everyone can experience this because it lies beyond our commonly understood definitions and descriptions of “Spirituality”. It cannot be measured or judged by any set standards; it cannot be explained in terms of theoretical or conceptual understanding. It is known only when it happens.

2: SAHAJA YOGA has no founder, Prophet, Messiah, or avatars personage; it does not seek to convert people from one religion to another. It does not claim any monopoly of truth and sets no bounds for anyone’s thinking as an expression of their individual freedom.

3: Sahaja Yoga practices are an experience beyond the realms of religion, culture, race, nationality, and language barriers. The principles that govern its practice are understood through meditation on the self so that we can understand who we are in relation with others and in our environment – a true understanding which creates harmony within ourselves and without.

4: SAHAJA YOGA is open to all without distinction of any kind, caste, or creed. It does not seek the conversion of others to its point of view and is not in itself a sect or cult.

5: There is no practice that a person has to perform beyond listening within with an open mind, heart, and body (Meditation).

Is bhakti-yoga a religion?

The question is, is yoga a religion? is very confusing and the answer is yes, and no.

It is a method of self-development with spiritual overtones; it can be practiced in many different religions. However, its core teachings are nonsectarian and universal—with as much relevance to atheists or agnostics as to those who call themselves “Hindus,” or “Buddhists.”

The primary purpose of bhakti-yoga (or devotional yoga) is to awaken the heart—not for salvation after death, but in order to be fully alive right now. The glorious byproduct of this awakening is that the heart eventually dissolves all barriers between the seeker and his or her Source: God, Self, Goddess Nature —call it what you will.

What matters most about any particular tradition is that it puts bhakti practice at the heart of its spiritual path. The basic principles of bhakti-yoga, as taught in the Bhagavad Gita and other Hindu texts.

is yoga a religion

Is Siddha yoga a religion?

If you are a beginner and wondering about is yoga a religion/ is Siddha yoga a religion. The answer is not. Siddha Yoga is not a religion, nor does it encourage blind faith. It is the opposite of all this – an irreverent path that encourages individual freedom & self-knowledge as our most sacred duty to find fulfillment for ourselves & help others do the same. In short, practicing Siddha Yoga means fulfilling one’s potential as an enlightened human being – by discovering the amazing facts of life and using them to help oneself & others live in happiness, peace & harmony with Nature.

It was Sri Sivananda Saraswathi who said “The greatest wealth is health”. That sums up the entire message of Siddha Yoga: we can achieve true wealth today and lead a happy, healthy, spiritually fulfilled life when we realize our potential and use it to help others do the same. This is why we say that Siddha Yoga is not a religion, but a science of life. It reveals how to awaken the true wealth that lies within each one of us – without any need for blind faith or conversion.

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