yoga diet

What is a Good Yoga Diet? | Everything You Need To Know

yoga diet is the latest trend that is dominated by slim and healthy celebrities. A yoga diet, as it sounds is a type of diet plan or eating habit that is…

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similar to yoga

Top 9 Activities Similar to yoga | Yoga VS Exercise

Stretching Exercise Similar to yoga helps our muscles recover faster after activity. A new study has shown that stretching exercises similar to yoga can actually help muscles recover faster after…

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yoga is safe

Top 5 Tips: How yoga is Safe? | Is yoga safe?

yoga is safe, There is a concern that yoga could cause injury because it involves physical activity. However clinical studies have not identified any significant risk of injury compared to…

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facts about yoga

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Yoga

Facts about yoga, Many people think that yoga is a religion or cult. It’s not. Yoga is simply the physical practice of certain exercises, no more, no less. Yoga is…

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benefits of yoga

Top 10 Health Benefits of yoga

There are Three benefits of yoga: Physical Mental Social Physical Benefit: Yoga is a complete workout for your body that increases flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance without any impact on…

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Types of yoga

10 Different Types of Yoga and their Benefits

Types of Yoga, Yoga is a practice that has been around for centuries and is very popular today. Yoga is a great way to keep your body flexible and healthy….

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Yoga to Relieve Gas

Yoga to Relieve Gas | Top 7 Yoga Poses For Digestion

Yoga to Relieve Gas, Did you know yoga is a great way to relieve gas? It’s true. Yoga is a fantastic way to relieve gas. If you are someone who…

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